Poll coffee or hot chocolate which do u prefer?!

Question: both mixed together awesome with some ice to and creamer and sugar

Answers: both mixed together awesome with some ice to and creamer and sugar

Coffee with cream only please.

i definitely prefer coffee since i don't like chocolate

hot chocolate


Coffee... Starbucks to be exact.

Hot Chocolate, all the way! with marshmellows and whip cream!

Coffee.....with flavored creamer....

i prefer hot chocolate mmm...yum!! i hate coffe i think its gross


i like to mix them

Coffee,,my favorite is Maxwell House, and straight black please

Wow, I really like chocolate,(Chocoholic!), but I drink coffee more. In fact a bud introduced me to, two drops of vanilla extract, a little powered chocolate,(Like Nestle's), sugar, and milk. I thought, that's whacked! But I tried it, and got hooked for a while! Now the coffee's either black, if I'm in a rush to work, or coffee, sugar, and milk, or cream. ( I used to work night shift as a machinist 14yr's ago, and cup after cup of black coffee, just 'kill's yer gut!)

i haven't had hot chocolate in a while, probably b/c i like coffee better.

OH Home made coffee with vanilla Creamer or Caramel Phrapoccino from Starbucks.

hot chocolate

hot chocolate with masmelow and whip cream and ice-cream

Probably Coffee with milk.

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