Whitch is better coke or pepsi?!

Question: this is a big decision in my life and i can only open one

Answers: this is a big decision in my life and i can only open one

i lik pepsi :-)

Coke son


Coke allllllll the way!!


it has this tang to it that pepsi, diet coke, and coke zero dont have.

Coke is better if you ask me.

Pepsi is too sweet.


stock market shows that pepsi is better.
I like pepsi from a can and coke from a dispencer.

Wow! There's a "non-alcoholic drinks" thread? Y!A has it all!

Well, Coke Zero...with rum.

LOL. WOW! I can't believe all the responses for Coke! Yes, me too...Coka-Cola! However...I thing Wild Cherry Pepsi tops Coke!!

Hello.Pepsi is better.Coke does not taste pretty good if you keep on drinking it too much.It has lots of sugars compared to Pepsi.You can compare the difference by drinking each of them.

they are equally disgusting (ingredients harvested from satan's toilet would be my guess)
if i had to choose (life or death stuff) .....

coke is it!

coke hands down
the only thing pepsi has is drpepper
diet pepsi is better and so is cherry pepsi




Pepsi is a bit sweeter than Coke. I prefer Diet Pepsi. Diet Coke tastes burnt. Regular Coke goes good with just about any mixable liquor.

like coke's diet over pepsi diet
like pepsi over coke (non-diet)
dr.pepper vs cherry coke is a toss up
diet dr. pepper over diet cherry coke
like coke as a mix in a drink over pepsi

hmmm, looks like a toss up between the two., i guess i like them both for different reasons

To me, coke is more syrupy and excellent for mixed drinks, but Pepsi tastes a little lighter, so is best straight. It's your decision based on your tastes.

Coke always Coke.


coke girl coke all the way!

coke is coke fullstop..... there are a million colas but coke is coke, the best in a leauge of its own...

coke is a refresher, a mixer, and a great taste...


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