What's your favorite caffe?!

Question: I like late macchiato the most

Answers: I like late macchiato the most

I like lattes, extra shot of expresso - either iced or hot ....

If you want to know my favorite BLEND of coffee beans, I love Komodo Dragon from Starbucks, but usually buy Double French Roast beans from a coffee company on-line (California Coffee Roasters), who roasts their coffee the day they send it out to you.....

I just like a cup of coffee, usually a flat white!


Filter Coffee.Coffee Filter is available in Utensil Stores or Indian Stores.

How to do

1.Roast coffee seeds and make powder in Mixer
2.Heat Water
3.Put 2 spoon coffee powder in Filter ( Top Part)
4.Add Hot water in Filter.

Now slowly bottom Part of the Fillter coffee is ready.

If you want Black coffee you can take.

With Milk

Heat Milk and take the Filtered Coffee and mixed with sugar and take.

Are you enjoying the real taste of Coffee.

Prepare this type of coffee and taste it and send e.mail to me.


for me it's the one i can drink off your body.....mmmmm...--seriously!!
and it must be good old irish coffee ((or anything with a pinch of alcohol in it.. gives way better taste overall

Mochas from starbucks yumm!!;)

Mocha from Starbucks!!!!!!!

I don't drink coffee. I find it too bitter. But I really wish I did drink coffee. There is something so cool about having a cup or mug of coffee, all the different flavours, and taking a coffee break.


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