Can I add ice to Green tea?!

Question: If I make green tea and add ice will i still get the same benefits?

Answers: If I make green tea and add ice will i still get the same benefits?

you don't have to have hot green tea to get the benefits it is good with ice or hot just make sure you don't add sugar if you want to sweeten it up add honey(real honey)

Yeah. It is really good iced with honey and lemon wedges.

Uhh yeah...that's just Iced Green Tea. If you're worried about the beneficial flavanoids being damaged, the most damage is done to them when the tea is harvested and prepared for the tea bags (I believe green tea is steamed at very high temperatures). This eliminates many of the flavanoids...and if anything, seeping the tea in boiling water is bad for it as well. Cooling it won't do anything to the molecular structures.


Well by adding ice you're not taking anything out of the tea - maybe you can make it into a smoothie

essentially yes, you'll just be drinking it cold.... though brew it in a closed tea pot and let it cool in there too. Enjoy

yeah, why not...It'll just be a little watered down

I have read or heard that hot green tea is better but I am not sure how accurate that is. I believe that iced green tea has the same benefits. i like mine cold


No problem. I actually brew green tea with my regular iced tea. Just because it's cold doesn't take the good out of it.

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