Have you ever gotten sick from drinking from manufactured bottled water? like dasani, aquafina, ozarka, etc?!

Question: No

Answers: No

most bottled water contains minerals, if you drink to much it will cause that or diorrea.

i'm in england and dasani was banned over here

but it's highly unusual because they try to make the water as "pure" as they can, in other terms they try to make the water perfect.

Coca-Cola's Dasani brand of bottled water was found to have illegally high levels of bromate, a cancer-causing chemical, say company executives in the UK. Coca-Cola, which had called their water, "as pure as bottled water gets," immediately recalled 500,000 bottles. It is, of course, a public relations disaster for the company, which has been trying to develop new markets other than soft drinks. I don't trust bottled water.
Unfortunately, this process of purifying the water turns out to be less than ideal, in this case at least, since the Dasani water was found to be contaminated with bromate. The lesson here is that there's no water as pure as spring water. If you want to drink bottled water, shop for water that's bottled at the source, from natural springs, without any added ingredients.

I should point out that every Dasani bottling plant operates on a different water source, using different equipment. And this was a scare in the UK, not the U.S., so just because high levels of bromate were found in the UK products doesn't mean they're present in the States. But the point is valid: tap water is never as good as spring water, no matter how you process it.

no, i have never gotten sick and dasani and aqaufina are my favorite waters and i have never heard of ozarka

not me personally, but i have infact have heard about it happening to other people.

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