What is your favorite Coffee?!

Question: Dunkin Donuts or Star Bucks? Or something else?

Answers: Dunkin Donuts or Star Bucks? Or something else?


tim hortons

eww i hate coffee. i am more of a hot coco or tea person

wawa has pretty good coffee, thats where I get mine


I prefer Kona.

Sonic, Java Chiller!

Mocha venti from Starbucks!!! MMMM now I want one!! See ya later!!

star bucks

an Ice cap from tim hortons

star bucks

Head on a stick.

Dunkin Donuts!

anything as long as it's caffeinated

Well Starbucks is definitely better than DD...but I'm the type that likes flavored coffe, I love Swiss Chocolate Almond flavored coffee, no matter who makes it. Just some cream in it to cool it down.

Starbucks... Grande Vanilla Latte

I buy cafe bustelo or pilon coffee...its got a great taste and rich smell to it not to mention its a great energy source for me.

no coffee, it's yuck!

dandy donuts

My favorite is from my very own Mr. Coffee in my own Kitchen!!!

Maxwell house with a little Splenda and Coffee Mate!

i love starbucks carmel frap!

Star Bucks!

I used to work at a cafe and we would order all of our grounds from Williamsburg Coffee & Tea. They had dozens of awesome flavors- in light to dark roast and robust and decaf!

My favorite was the Hazelnut dark roast. I'd add just a hint of cream and a pinch of sweet-and-low. Yum!

If you ask me, the small independently-owned cafes do it best! Although I'll still accept an iced soy latte from Starbucks anyday ;)

DAS coffe.

ANY COFFEE! i love coffee. except like cheap water tasting coffee from gas stations n' stuff.


I use Folders. I think anything I make at home is better than Starbucks. Maybe if I let my coffee sit in the pot for 24 hours before I have a cup, they might be comparable. I don't have any real brand preference at home.

My favorite coffee falls under "something else". Try McDonald's coffee. It's affiliated with Paul Newman. Another brand I enjoy almost as much is the Kirkland brand from Costco.. But you have to try McD's coffee; everyone raves about it. (Come to think of it, the Kirkland brand is also Paul Newman.) Dunkin Donuts is expensive and bitter, sometimes weak. Starbucks is too pricey and sweet; let me add my own sweetener, please. My sister is a coffee lover and she said there was a taste test with all the above mentioned coffees and McDonald's SMOKED the others!

Well I don't have straight up coffee. I have frap.'s (: . (not gonna try to spell that one..haha). My favorite is Starbucks Caramel frap. because not only does it taste very well an I love caramel, but there is caramel sauce on top of the whip cream! Yummm

depends on what i am in the mood for at that time

Best coffee was a cup of Kona served in our room at a hotel in Oahu.

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