If you mix red bull with coke can it kill you?!

Question: my friend says that if you drink them together you could die because the redbul slows your heart and the coke speeds it up..xx

Answers: my friend says that if you drink them together you could die because the redbul slows your heart and the coke speeds it up..xx

"The energy drink Red Bull is under investigation in Sweden after reports at least three people died after drinking it.
The Swedish National Food Administration (NFA) is heading the investigation, and has issued a public warning, telling people not to take Red Bull mixed with alcohol, or after heavy exercise."

It doesn't look like red bull and coke can you kill you if you drink them both (which I've done, and I'm still alive!)



Only if you mixed enough together to fill a bucket.

And then you stuck your head in the bucket until you drowned.


OK redbul is a caffene drink, which means it speed your heart up. Your friend knows nothing of what he says!!! No it will not kill you, it won't hurt you!

BTW: You need new friends...

hahaha no.
thats ridiculous.
That would be like saying if you smoked weed and drank at the same time you'd die
(weed speeds up your heart rate, alcohol slows it down)
Which I've proved is untrue
several times. :P

The caffeine in the coke plus the caffeine and sugar in the Red Bull will increase your heart rate, not slow it down.


If you drink gallons of them together I would assume it would have adverse effects. I have drank it together and have had no issues whatsoever. There are stimulants (caffiene) in both so it would be the speeding up that would be the issue. The sugar crash would be quite bad as well.

No, you're in no real chance of dying. And there is nothing in Red Bull that slows the heart.

Coke is a drink with lots of sugar and caffeine and Red Bull is a drink with sugar and even more caffeine. Mix them together and all you have is sugar and caffeine.

The drink is relatively safe but I can't imagine it tastes all that good.

don't worry about it, relax. everything Will be OK, but your friend is full of hockey

Yes, you can die, but your friend was wrong about why. Both Red Bull and coke are stimulants, so mixing them can cause tachycardia,which is a dangerously fast arrhythmic heart beat.

Yep, they used that combo to kill that ex KGB agent in London a while back.

Actually they both have caffeine in them so they will both give you a buzz. While they won't kill you, there are better things to drink. Redbull at least has B vitamins in it but I think paying $2+ for a sugar drink is kind of crazy.

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