How many calories in flavored Perrier?!

Question: I mean, is Perrier just water? Water has no calories. Just wondering.

Answers: I mean, is Perrier just water? Water has no calories. Just wondering.

To answer your question .. Perrier is a caffeine-free, sparkling natural mineral water. No artificial flavors or additives are added.Even the essences added in the Lemon and Lime flavors are entirely natural. No Calories , No Carbs and No Sodium. I will leave you the link to the web site that has any other information you may need. Hope that helped. :)

all bottles will have calorie content on the label ... check labels when you shop. Water has no calories, but what's the flavoring? Sugar DOES have calories

I used to drink it years ago, and the flavouring s are just oil based like those used in soft drinks in North America, and it has not sugar, the addition of the flavouring may only raise the carbs a bit, but not the calorie count, the first lady is right, but I have had other and generic ones to and they were calorie free, now sodium is a different story.

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