Coke Zero tastes heaps better than Diet Coke?!

Question: Doesn't it?

Answers: Doesn't it?

It certainly does

you bet it does....

yes it does

being a diabetic since i was a little kid, i've pretty much always drank diet coke. regular coke is just gross to me, so since coke zero tastes more like regular coke, i really detest it as well.

Yeah, but I'm still not sure about all those chemicals and sweeteners that they put in that stuff.

I agree wholeheartedly.

yes It does....I am drinking one right now!

yeah, but i'm a diet pepsi kind of girl

It really does taste better, but since soda (including diet soda and including splenda soda) is SOOO bad for you, I've quit all soda and just drink water now. It took some getting used to but I like it now.


Nope. Coke Zero has too much cinnamon flavor for me.

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