Why do people put empty milk cartons back in the fridge?!

Question: its the same reason people put used teabags in the kitchen sink,
Because there bloody lazy

Answers: its the same reason people put used teabags in the kitchen sink,
Because there bloody lazy

Incase someone comes round and doesnt want milk in their tea

Sometimes people dont set and think why I am I doing this

thats a right good question,my kids do it all the time and it does my head in.lol,i mean they are not blind,they see the cartons empty,i think they just do it to annoy me.lol

Because they are slobs.

Because they can.

In the time it took you to type this question - you could have put the empty milk carton in the bin yourself.

Because they are too lazy to put them in the bin.

That does my head in even empty packets.

Poor upbringing and lazy parents who don't teach them any differently.

because it's not recycle collection day, and they don't want to leave it outside in case it attracts ants

no one i know does it

My 7 yr old puts empty wrappers back in the fridge!!! As well as bottles, cartons and anything else that she can't be bothered putting in the bin!!!!

They don't except on TV!

sometimes they're lazy or maybe they forgot it.

Either laziness, not thinking about it, or (and I do this sometimes) if the trash is not ready to be taken out and you put an empty container in there it will stink, so (I personally have) stick it in the back of the fridge and throw it away when the trash can is full and take it out then.

I certainly don't. I rinse them out and put them in the recycle bin.

I didn't know they did. You must know some odd people

Because it doesn't smell. Keep it there until the garbage man comes! LOL

being lazy of course , just like why dont people put the toilet paper on the reel , that drives me insane actually


Without thinking??

their too lazy to put put it in the trash

pure habit

Because they are dumb lol

Great question D. Maybe they believe it will refill by it's self!

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