Why is it so difficult to order at Starbucks? Why is the smallest size called "Tall"?!

Question: Are they just TRYING to make it difficult and confusing?

Answers: Are they just TRYING to make it difficult and confusing?

This is part of portion distortion.

You don't want to look cheap by getting the small, so you order a tall, then venti, then grande.

It's also a way to get you to drink more coffee to increase your addiction!

I remember when the large soft drinks at fast food chains in the 80s were the same size as today's small. Look at Big Gulps at 7/11, they used to be 32 oz. Now they have Super Gulp and Super Tanker. And we wonder why we are getting heavier and have more cavities...sheesh!

its just to add finesse or style

that's why its expensive un like Duncan donuts if you noticed the prices XD but yeah it is confusing i would know I'm 15 and I'm addicted to coffee and stuff with caffeine in it

No, it's an Italian thing, small portions. The original sizes were tall and short. That's right, two. When there was a demand for larger sizes just added those on top. Grande meaning big and Venti meaning 20. They were just attempting to bring a taste of Italian culture over here, and it has since evolved, so we can deduce that the problem lies not with the names perhaps, but with the unhealthy portions that Americans insist on.

I know it's so weird is'nt it?. It should just be small, medum and large. It's too confusing and expensive there. I love Dunkin Donuts though!!.

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