Do you drink milk?!

Question: not often, except in tea, coffee, chocolate drink, or with breakfast cereal!

Answers: not often, except in tea, coffee, chocolate drink, or with breakfast cereal!

ehh once in a while.

Not often but sometimes. Especially with a sweet dessert. Nothing beats ice cold milk.

Only in my cereal or if theres chocolate in it ! lol

I love milk, but im lactose intolerant.

uhm sometimes i do.
if like thats the only thing to drink.
but if i have a bunch of sodas and stuff surrounding it
i wouldnt choose to drink milk.

Yes 2 full cups of it a day


I'm with tattoed, only in my cereal or if there's chocolate in it.

I make sure I drink at least one glass a day.

2-3 glasses per day.

Only if I am having a pastry

Yup...Organic 1% milk...and if you want to know why i drink organic check this website out:



sike yea

yup!! especially in milkshakes and with chocochip

yep. 3-4 glasses a day, i cant get enough!

No. I LOVE talking about it though. I have little songs and sayings about milk. It's good for a laugh once in a while. I also do that with soup. It's really funny the things we do with food.

Not very often, in fact I can't remember the last time

No!It gives me cramps!Instead i drink this new drink.It's the worlds first healthy energy drink!If you want to try this new drink go to love this stuff because it helps me lose weight and gives me energy for hours!Check it out!


milk is good for the body !!! love It !

Absolutely, raised on a farm and love a fresh cold glass after a hard days work.

yeah but i don't do skim or whole milk. I just drink 1% milk. Really good with a heavy sweet desert like cake or brownies. Cookies too. Great stuff milk is.



I have never liked milk, but craved it quite a bit when I was pregnant. I liked soy milk for a while, but there seems to be a lot of question as to whether it's good for you, or poses potential health risks, so I have switched to Hemp Milk, which is very creamy and delicious. I also like it on cereal, and use it to cook in many instances where milk is required. Good stuff!

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