Why is Coke?!

Question: Why is coke spelled with a "k" when Coca-Cola is spelled with c's?

Answers: Why is coke spelled with a "k" when Coca-Cola is spelled with c's?

Coce just wouldn't sound right.



That is a good question....But I don't know the answer!

always wondered that

Nickname for it because it used to contain cocaine aka "coke" long ago.


do u mean the drug coke??
if so i dont know i dont do drugs

Cocaine is spelled with a "c", too. And, Coca-Cola used to have cocaine in it.

the Greeks changed the first syllables spelling in the same word to change its meaning, people today simply copied the idea

Coc or Coce wouldn't have the right pronunciation and looks stupid too. Don't drink that stuff, artificial sugar is really bad for your liver and well-being.

Coca-cola = cocaine cola, although it no longer contains cocaine, it's still held it's name. Because coca is pronounced co-kah, then the slang of it would be coke, and not coce which would be pronounced cose...

i have no clue sorry

Coca = Coca plant, they used coca leaves which contained cocaine. But they weren't the only ones selling drugs. You used to could order heroine out of a Sears catalog with needle and all. Its was the first product of a small company called Bayer. Who abandoned it because of the effects and started making aspirin.

Well, cocaine-cola. Coca-cola used to include actual cocaine; honest. Many became addicted to Coca-cola; but not in the form as in blow.
Why the spelling? Don't know, but I am sure an English major will be able to explain.

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