Good morning to all! mmmmm do you like your coffee?!

Question: Light and sweet ......... or extra, extra ..... which when translated means extra cream and sugar!

Answers: Light and sweet ......... or extra, extra ..... which when translated means extra cream and sugar!

nah no coffee for me.....

In a cup. Duh.

black, hot and with two sugars.

Decaf, splenda and sugar free vanilla caramel creamer

i don't like coffee>:P

In large coffee cup- I put 3 tablespoons of flavored coffee creamer, 2 tablespoons of non flavored coffee creamer and 2 tablespoons of sugar. YUM!

hot, with non fat milk...and sweetener...mmm I can smell it already!

with soy milk and splenda.

in the pot and as far far far away from me as possible!!


cooled off a little bit, with a whole bunch of sugar and even more creamer in it. :-D

white (only a dash of skim milk) & no sugar - nice & strong

lol black with out sugar

decaff usually
not to hot, plenty of milk
but there are other drinks that are nicer

with cream and sugar

Like my women, HOT, Black and nasty.

How lazy am I? Espresso, if I'm too lazy to foam the milk for a latte:) ...... If it's hot out, then Iced Lattee (3-4 shots of espresso, some liquid cream, a scoop of ice cream over ice)

dark and robust.

the darkest of the dark.

Kopi-C! That means coffee with evaporated milk and sugar. And very important is if it is "pulled", in Singapore and Malaysia, we call this Kopi Tarik.

cream and sugar

I like to mix a nutty Latin American with a lemony African coffee, 2:1 ratio. I add a little 2%, and I sit and cherish it for at least 15 minutes. It's the best part of my day.

My coffee pot brews it on a timer so it is ready when I get up, which I love. I drink it black as soon as I can get to the pot and get it in my cup.

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