Whats ur favorite soda?!

Question: i ? all sodas xcept 4 rootbeer
my fave is vault???

Answers: i ? all sodas xcept 4 rootbeer
my fave is vault???

i luv vault too..shirley temples..pina colada..red bull..cplus..sprite..diet coke..pretti much everything/..lol

I ? VAULT 2!!!! man that stuff makes me go crazoo!
[u no that lol]

I love c'plus and sprite!!

Black cherry Fresca!

Especially good with gin!

coca cola and pepsi


Orangina, because its just so orangey!

dr. pepper big time!

well sunkist is the best but rootbeer is next, i love the red vault better than the regular green

i love welches grape soda

I love Vault personally. I dislike coke. But I don't know if I have a favorite soda.

shirly temples love em! do u think shirly temple drinks them????

I really love Big Red! When I moved to Georgia I could not find it anywhere except at one store and it 20 minutes down the road so I drove there every week and bought enough to last me that week

Cream soda and fanta soda
i like root beer though

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