Does sugar dissolve in milk?!

Question: Yes

Answers: Yes

yes, just a bit slower than in water

umm, i don't know, maybe google it :]

answer my question people;...

Yes, although it takes some time because it reacts slowly.

Yes, but it is hard to see. I takes a lot of time and if you want to get the sugar back, you will have to evaporate the milk. It takes very long.

Yes it does. Milk and sugar is a good drink to give someone having a hypoglyceamic episode(diabetic)

Yes, if the milk is hot.

Yes and the hotter the milk the faster if dissolves, but it needs some help by being stirred.

Unless the sugar amount is more than the milk can take, then it will dissolve part of it and the rest will remain in a solid state at the bottom of the glass/cup.

yes i believe so because milk is a acid and i think sugar is a base so yes it does.

Yes but it will take longer and the milk will not hold as much as the water.

I think so, altough it's quite difficult. Milk has to be hot


Rates of solution are very difficult to measure quantitatively.

The rates depend upon so many factors in
addition to the "basic" chemistry. Some of them are: temperature (e.g. if you are close to the melting
point the faster something will dissolve), the size of the particles (the larger the surface area the
faster something will dissolve), the stirring rate, and the list goes on.

As a general rule, a non-ionic soluble substance will dissolve faster than an ionic soluble substance, because the forces holding the non-ionic substance is usually weaker than an ionic substance. However, that "general rule" can be
overwhelmed by these other factors.

yes it does :D

yes, if u stir it ahhahahahahaah

yes, i just tryed it & it did.. you have to stir it several times though... if that helped at all

warm milk not cold

of course! milk is still a liquid so It's going to dissolve just a bit slower....

When the milk is cold it takes longer. But it does.


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