What are some things you can do with leftover coffee?!

Question: here are some coffee recipes

Answers: here are some coffee recipes

Coffee cake. Yum~

refrigerate it and then add ice cream to it. make a coffee cake. male coffee ice cream,

The grounds make good garden mulch.

Use it to feed your plants. The grounds make great fertilizer.

Down the drain ! hehe

make an iced coffee drink! add milk carmel, chocolate, ice and blend for a delicious drink!

grounds can go around plants ... the liquid coffee can be used as a cleaner ... or in recipes like coffee cake, iced coffee, mocha cheesecake, etc ...

save it for tomorrow, cakes, cookies, muffins, other baked goods

You can pour it into an ice cube tray and make frozen cubes for using later in a cake mix, cookie or brownie mix to make a "mocha" flavor in the recipe (substitute wherever it calls for a liquid).

Iced coffee can be very good, add a little sugar, cream, and ice cubes. Go a bit further and put coffee in a blender with vanilla or chocolate ice cream and blend for a coffee or mocha milkshake.

Mom always makes Iced Coffee :D

if it's more than half a pot I have put that stuff in the fridge. It's still coffee. I'm not a gourmet.

I don't drink coffee, but I've read it is good for your plants.

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