Tea or coffee and how do you take it??!

Question: I drink either, white with three and strong.

Answers: I drink either, white with three and strong.

I'll have a coffee with milk, No suger, Thanks.

Any chance of a custard cream aswell please.
Thanks :)

Like both but tea is my favourite,no sugar,strong and a little milk.

Coffee- black
Tea - eww

milk in both no sugar....and also strong

milky sweet tea
i hate coffee

Coffee strong white 1 sugar thanks..

Very strong nearly black with 2 sugars


tea and coffee both white with one. sometimes two in the coffee.

tea. 3 sugars . milk.

i did drink coffee but it's bad for you so i quit

Hot or iced coffee with cream and nutrasweet.

I drink both..

Tea just with Splenda

Coffee with half & half and Splenda.


I don't drink tea, but I like my coffee strong, white and without sugar.

I like my coffee strong and milky. i can't drink granulated coffee, it has to be the real thing.
I like my tea strong and a tiny drop of milk.
No sugar in either.

tea-weak+lemon+1 sugar+black current juice mmmmmmm

I drink my coffee black, with 1/4 the cup filled with ICE so the coffee is slightly chilled when i drink it.

I like my tea plain and warm. maybe a little lemon if my throat is sore.

i am sorry that unpleasant bloke insulted you, very uncalled for.

i take no coffee usually, but when i do i like a weak coffee (due to the fact don't like it)

i have tea either:
1) black with the t bag init
2) terracota colour wid 2 sugars.


neither. i just don't like the taste...

Coffee white no sugar

I prefer tea ( grandparents were both from England) with milk and sugar. So that's what I grew up drinking

I don't mind coffee, but preferably from Starbucks... and I've developed this taste for expresso or latte's. I rarely drink coffee at home.

Tea, dash of milk with two sugars
Don't drink coffee but love the smell!!!!!!!

i dont drink tea but coffee i drink loads of and i have a massive heaped teaspoon of coffee, milk and one level teaspoon of sugar.

the tosser with the remark about the mum shouldnt be allowed on here. how many have blocked him?

Tracey xxx

Coffee- boiled along with cinnamon and french vanilla liquid creamer. I think the powder creamers taste different ...then again it's just me =P

Tea- Chamomile along with lemon tea and yerbabuena oh yeah and a bit of cinnamon not alot. Mmm it's my favorite!

tea for me please with 1 sugar but no milk

coffee only with 3 x sugar normal thea with a little milk and 2x sugar and thea the ones with a flavour, 2 x sugar!

STRONG, black coffee, if it's hot (espresso preferred - maybe with just a lemon rind twist - no sugar - no cream) .... I also like lattes and cappuccinos though, too ..... I like Iced Lattes, with an extra shot of espresso, and a scoop of vanilla ice cream:) ........ If I drink tea, it's English Breakfast, Darjeeling or Earl Grey - black, no sugar

tea with milk and 1.5 sugars

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