Will soft drinks go bad after a day without refridgeration?!

Question: soft drinks like Sobe, regular Welch's fruit drinks, Lipton's green tea...
If you don't refridgerate it after 24 hrs, does bacteria start growing in it? is it still drinkable?

Answers: soft drinks like Sobe, regular Welch's fruit drinks, Lipton's green tea...
If you don't refridgerate it after 24 hrs, does bacteria start growing in it? is it still drinkable?

bacteria starts growing in EVERYTHING once it's opened. the refrigeration just slows it down. considering that things like coke are really really acidic, it's a poor environment for bacteria to grow, especially dangerous types. it's probably ok after 24 hours, but i wouldn't go much longer than that. there's a ton of preservatives in those beverages anyway.

no they dont go bad within one day

They will loose their fizzle but they are still good to drink!

no but they'll get warm :P

bacteria starts growing on everything once its opend....

i dont think so. i dont think soda goes bad

No, it's fine. But it probably won't taste very good.

Not if you don't open it. If you do open it, 24 hours won't do much to it, but 2 or 3 days is pushing it. But as long as it's not opened you're fine until the expiration date.

well it depends on the expiry date. also with out cool after 24 hours the taste will not same like cold soft drink.

with all the preservatives in them, hell no

It's totally drinkable, how do you think they ship it? I see those all the time sitting out in warm packages.

no they don't.

if its not opened then its ok....but I wouldn't drink an open container if it wasn't put in the fridge....

No they are generally stored and sold in bulk unrefrigerated.

If the can is not open no worries.

Yea it is still drinkable if left open, however the carbonation is gone.. and it's a not tasty

I'm dying to find out. Try it and let me know.

No they won't. They'll be fine for at least a day, maybe more depending on the preservatives. "Soft drinks" in the strict sense of carbonated drinks will go flat and lose their carbonation, but again, they will not be harmful to drink.

no ,
if you leave the lids off it would ,
but if you keep it sealed it should still stay fine

uncovered - yes, bacteria will start growing in it. don't risk drinking it, you dont know what kind of bacteria could be in there.

covered - if you opened it beforehand, then yes as well, the bacteria that got in it when you originally opened it will continue to grow. if you took it out without removing the cap and letting it sit for a day, then it'll be fine

noo they dont. just put it in the fridge and it will taste good =)

No, 24 hours is fine.
For coke, pepsi etc etc, even alot longer.
Bottled teas is what will grow bacteria fast, but not in 24 hours.

yes... and yes...

as soon as you open it, bacteria gets in your drink... you can drink it after 24 hours as long as the lid is air tight so no more bacteria can get in.. but refrigeration is definately the key

Eh no they're just warm. You could drink them but I would refridgerate them again. It would take a lot longer for bacteria to grow. And with tea as long as you've boiled the water or boil it again it should be fine.

I don't think so they would probably just get hot!!!!!!!!!!!

yeah, bacteria loves sugar and grows best from 42 degress to 135 degrees. If you leave it overnight I doubt you'll get sick or anything but there will be some growth...the rule of thumb for time is anything more than 4 hours before you get it back to 40 or less than throw it out, if you want to be totally safe. But if its soda like Coke, Pepsi, Mt. Dew ect...it should be fine for a longer period because of the acid content which keeps most bacteria away for longer, but its not impenitrable....two days max on acidic sodas. Hope that helps!

no........................... but they will lose their fizz and they will become warm

they are still drinkable for a while....they can be served warm its just recomended to drink cold

it wont get bad as long as you keep it in a refrigerator it might lose some gas but it will be drinkable !!

tes it will be good, if in plastic

it'll get flat, no more bubbles. it helps if u have a bad stomach, flat soda makes u feel much better. especially coke.

It is still drinkable. Don't worry! Just don't leave milk out or water with out a cap on. I do this acting club, and we have snack breaks, and we drink welch's fruit drinks every time, and we keep it in the room untill we are done with it! It taste great! You are an awesome girl! Don't feel bad to ask!

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