What are the best flavored coffees?!

Question: French Vanilla. Can't go wrong with french vanilla.

Answers: French Vanilla. Can't go wrong with french vanilla.

My absolute favorite is Irish Whiskey and Cream. Deeeeelicious

I got one of those Senseo machines for $15.00 through this offer... https://www.sharesenseo.com/q6/1.jsp;jse...

The Paris vanilla / caramel flavored pods are pretty darn good. The Senseo machine makes a cup of coffee extremely quickly whenever you want one. Instant gratification!!! I've been buying the pods on Amazon.com. Lately, cases have been showing up in my "gold box deals" for less than $17.00 which is a very good deal.

Gevalia, carries a lot of great flavors such as chocolate raspberry, vanilla nut, blueberry, amaretto and the list goes on!

French Vanilla's my fav.

All flavored beans will taste the same. What makes the taste of the bean better is when you get a light roast flavored bean which will be smooth and not bitter.

My favourite coffee is French Vanillia. Um..... yummy


My fav.

Coffee WITHOUT flavoring added is the best! Black...no cream...no sugar. It's nice, once in awhile, to have Hazelnut or French Vanilla, but that's not really a substitute for a regular cup of coffee. It's a very nice drink, like hot cocoa is a very nice drink...but not a substitute for just plain coffee

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