OK wakey wakey what would you like for Breakfast?!

Question: A full English Breakfast please..lol

Answers: A full English Breakfast please..lol

Thanks..lol Report It

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  • A nice slow leisurely f**k.........followed by a cup of tea.

    full english please, sausage ,bacon, tomatos, beans, black pudding, fried slice, egg [easy over] plus unlimited hot tea

    The same as Jason:-))) lol

    breakfast! are u in the UK?
    i'd like 2 go to sleep it's 12:36 AM here in america, i cant sleep so i come here!
    but i am looking for food........


    2 pancakes...1 waffle.....3eggs fried......4 sausage links.....8 strips of bacon.......a small corn muffin.....iced tea wif ice cubes

    wake up? hell no, im going to sleep. it's 1 AM over here!!

    but in the morning, i would like tea, fruit, and some oatmeal...^^

    Farm-fresh scrambled eggs with 5 strips of bacon

    A lovely fruit salad made with strawberries, blue berries, a kiwi, raspberry's and an apple

    bananas orange 2 pots of pro-biotic yogurts


    Good morning D, I would like a cup of tea, and some toast please. Thank you.

    Can i have that bacon sandwich whit HP sauce please D

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