Why Are Energy Drinks so expensive?!

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Red Bull

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Red Bull

Supply and demand. They know that people want it and will pay almost anything (within reason) to get it.

Because their target consumers are gullible twazerks

Could be because they have lots of caffine or sugar in them.

cos they know we'll get addicted to them and will pay the premium

They want you to be broke!!
And make lots of money!!
They are addictive and they know you'll keep buying thier products!!

For the same reason other things are so expensive...there are those that will pay it...not me...I have NEVER once had an energy drink!

It's the 'name brand' like most items that boost up the prices, and of course the contents, more sugar additives.

Whether they actually work, is another matter !

Caramac x

Because they are so addictive and good for you. Plus storeowners are greedy

Lots of sugar.

Because they are in demand. Economics lesson: the higher the demand, the higher the price.

i think its because its more expensive to manufacture them?

Because their targeted consumers are people who are young and restless so they need energy.

becuz they make a lot of money ... or mayb the opposite

because it is a health drink and customers r limited so they charge u more.

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