Is drinking 2 cans of Pepsi a day excessive?!

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I was drinking 2 a day for a few weeks. I liked it. But then I started wondering if it could give me diabetes. I went to Wikipedia and read that there was a study done. The study said that people who drank one or more regular sodas per day were 80% more likely of developing diabetes. That pretty much scared me, and so I stopped it. I probably just started eating more sugar from other foods. But soda is criticized so much by so many people, that it just felt right to quit.

I often wonder if it's just an overreaction to a health scare. Because there was a man in the movie "Super Size Me" who drank something like sixty-four two-liter bottles of soda per week. And he did get diabetes, but he looked like he was in his late 40s. It makes me wonder how much soda he actually drank before he got diabetes.

yes ,one is enough

If it's not causing you any ill effects then no. I knew a girl that spent more on pepsi that she did on a marlboro habit. THAT'S excessive.

not really but it would be better if they were the diet version

excessive would be incorrect more like not heathy.

I wouldn't call it excessive, but you would be a lot healthier if you cut it down to one or (if possible) none.

No if thats what you like, as long as you drink some water aswell to stay healthy.

If you want to know the answer, take a can of Pepsi or Coke, put it in a clear crystal glass and drop a piece of meat in it. Check it again in 24 hours and watch was has happened to the meat.

yes i think it is. you should brush your teeth a lot if you want to carry on. pepsi is full of stuff that rots teeth.

it doesnt even taste that nice when you drink it like water. if you have it all the time its just average and costs a lot.

Yes! Stop drinking that crap, try milk or water or juice. Pepsi does not help you in anyway possible (unless you are looking for a bigger waistline).

Yes. a 20 oz can of coke has about 220 calories.....I'm assuming pepsi is about the same. One pepsi a day is excessive.

wouldn't say excessive but its not very good for you 2 cans EVERY day!

Yes, any level of soda is too much. It is nothing but sugar.

its nnot good for u but it wont kill u if. u take a break of soda every 2 days ull be ok

not unless you want to have cavities and acidic teeth

Not really.

not really, if you drink that much everyday...
if you drink 1 can a day and all of a sudden you drink like 10, that's a problem...

Not really, but why no t buy a water filter and drink your own water?
cost nothing and way better for you health too

Depends on how you think. The risk of diabetic due to sugar content and also you might put out gas more than usually due to carbon dioxide as it a carbonated drink anyway.. Try to limit to a few cans a week not everyday as a routine order.

yes. it is. you should reduce the amount of drinking that in a day.
for health sake.

only if it bothers your system and makes you sick, or if you don't mind all that sugar and gases.
My sis-in-law drinks 3 to 4 a day


if you read the label you wont drink any.

no, thats fine

Like someone else said I wouldn't call it "excessive" but it is very unhealthy and bad for your teeth. Pepsi and similar drinks (including "diet" versions) are nothing but crap- carbonated water with sugar, caffeine and additives.

no but any more and be careful. 2 pepsi cans are nothing just drink loads of water!

no it isnt

Maybe when i was yonger i got seriously addicted , I'd quite now while your ahead..

my mum would buy like a 2 litre bottle ad i finsh it in 2 or 3 days

I just like stoped because as i got older and started hhigh school i just realised how bad it was for me

I still have an occaisonal sip though like if i'm at somebody's birthday or party though

i don't know depends , i mean personally you should cut it down to 1 can and have an extra on a special occasion, but it's not exxescive

It depends on what you define as excessive.

For most people, even a can per week is excessive while others take as many as 6 cans per day. It depends on what you are avoiding to call it excessive.

If you are consuming less calories than what you need, then it will not make you fat.

If you don't have a family history of diabetes, then it won't give you one.

If you brush your teeth regularly (since all sugars do damage the enamel), you will not lose all your teeth.

yep, u have a caffeine addition, Deny it all u want

Your only supposed to have one can of pop if day.

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