Any cool drinks?!

Question: i need healthy drinks that are easy to make

Answers: i need healthy drinks that are easy to make

This is my favorite!

First put orange juice in the blender
then add strawberries, and bananas.

It is so good.
Sometimes apples give it a weird flavor, but you can add them if you like!

you can find jamba juice recipies or other recipies for fruit smoothies online....healthy and delicious!


I bought a juicer, and I love it, it came with books of recipes for all kinds of good healthy drinks. and the pulp can be used in recipes from bread to muffins etc. but if you have a blender any soft fruits and like o.j. blended would be good.

8 oz. of ejaculate. This is very low on calories. Like 32 calories and no fat or sugar. Healthy and delicious. Very easy to get if you are a guy. If you are a girl you can easily find a guy to give a hand job to or just suck him off.

how bout a fruit smoothie made in your blender, or maybe some dole mixed fruit juice over ice? Mmmmm....

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