I am 100% sure that my maid has been sneaking drinks out of my bar and drinking them.....?!

Question: while she is cleaning my house. Should I confront her about it?

Answers: while she is cleaning my house. Should I confront her about it?

Ask her to wait until you get home and you will party with her. That way she'll know that you know. See what happens before you turn her in.

yes you should because without permission that can be considered theft!!!!!

lock it up, and pocket the key

yea, I'd be like "*****, go replace my beer!"

did you hire her from a service ? if so then confront the service and tell them under no circumstances did you hire a drinker and that is all that should be said . they will dismiss her at once . however if you hired her from an ad in the paper you need to give her two weeks and let her go . next thing you know she could start stealing from you and you dont want that . good luck .

If proves true, give her hell soldier.

Of course you should. Not only is it theft and disrespectful but if she got drunk and had an accident or hurt someone you could have liability. She may also have a drinking problem that could lead to other issues. Does she work for you privately or for a firm? If she works just for you, you need to address it. If she works for a company, call them immediately. But be sure you have proof.

make sure it is not someone else pilfering then heck yeah....confront. confront. confront.

Hell no. She probably cleans better drunk than sober. Your house is really a mess, give the poor gal a break.

If you are 100% sure that she is drinking on the job, definitely confront her. If she is stealing liquor, what else is she stealing ????????

Double her salary so she doesn't have to drink your cheap liquor.....

why not give her one over the bar then she wouldn't have to help herself

Fire the bastard, that was my foreman's saying years ago.

Absolutely. Actually, I would fire her. That's theft.

However, if you are 100% positive, but don't have 100% positive proof, I would just let her go without a reason. Just say "it's not working out", and leave it at that.

You're too rich, if you can afford a maid you can afford to lose a drink here and there surely

you should have her beheaded

That is theft. If you really like her, you could give her a warning and if she doesn't stop stealing from you then fire her.

fill all the bottles up with urine

It depends on whether you want to keep her or replace her. Once you have the confrontation, it's probably over. Neither one of you will feel comfortable in the working relationship.

If she's doing a really great job, you trust her otherwise and you don't want to lose here, you may just want to overlook it.

Must be nice having someone do the clean up. I would talk to them about it. If they deny it, then start collecting evidence. If you hired from a paper, do give 2 weeks if you do feel strongly about this. From a firm? YES TELL THEM! They need to know.

Technically you should ask her, but I often have a beer while cleaning my house and it makes it a lot more fun! So I'm sure you can understand if she is.

let it go if she does a good job just let it be but anything bigger tell her whats what and whos who but a drink really should just come with the job

I don't think she is...I think your drinking more than you think.

if u can afford a maid-u can afford a video camera-then u can be 100% sure

Tell her if she wants a drink, just to tell you, and you'll have one with her!

get a new maid

Put a big sign on them that says DO NOT DRINK!!!

Yes you should! That is stealing and that is not right! I believe in being greedy but not in stealing!



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