What flavor of jones soda is the best?!

Question: i would pick berry lemonade...or pumkin pie

Answers: i would pick berry lemonade...or pumkin pie

I love them all!!!

strawberry lime! Oh yeah, that is Delicious.

The blue one

cherry limeade!!! =]

Watermelon pancakes.

I hate soda.


black cherry

The whiteish one. It's cream Soda!

It's a rare treat as I mostly do RAW but I like their Cream Soda

i like the orange or the strawberry!

i am a regular kind of girl so i would probably go for just plain cola, if they have it. i never drank their soda's but they have a thanksgiving turkey dinner one and always wondered what it tasted like.


I love the cream soda!!!

cream soda...yum

fufu berry

i like cream soda
berry lemonade
bubble gum

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