How much cups of tea do you need to have to be able to stay up all night~?!

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tea does not have that much caffeine - and for me it would take 4-5, though it would still be a struggle to be honest. Coffee is much more effective, but if you don't like it....

It depends on your personal tolerance for caffeine. For me it would probably be something like 30.

Stay up all night for what......

If i slept well the night before. Than one cup would make me able to stay up for a hole night (one Cola would make me able to stay awake for the next day)

I am normally one an hour sort of person, milk and 2 sugars.
I have just sat down with one, so Cheers.

The more you drink, the more trips you'll make to the bathroom...

Go for coffee instead - or red bull. My trick was always red bull, diet coke and haribo. Worked every time I had an essay due the next day in my student days!

drink ginseng tea!!! lots of it

try drinking just alot but also coffee or coke/pepsi also has alot of caffine.. do you really need to stay up all night to watch a movie

Exactly 439. I counted.


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