Will you be fired if you drink Pepsi at a Coke factory?!

Question: heheehehheheheeh
publicly probably

Answers: heheehehheheheeh
publicly probably

No but you may not be promoted . Though in GA it is a right to work state so they could fire you for anything.

I doubt it. Just don't do it in front of the factory's CEO.

no1 is gonna do tht cuz coke offers free supply of coke 2 people workin der. anyways if sum1 relly does luv pepsi more then coke he sure would. LOL!....................
any ways i thnk v wont b fired unless the manager of the factory is 2 rude!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No you will not. They used to offer employees free coca cola....so why would you drink Pepsi? Bring another type drink if you are so worried about what they will say. Sounds like a controversial move from controversial person.

You can't be fired for that, but some co-workers that are dedicated to their job will not be happy. My wife used to work at Fords, and we had a GM Buick. Twice in the Ford work parking lot, people smashed into our car, solely because it wasn't a Ford!

pepsi is made by the coke company so if it's from the same company, even though I like coke more, it shouldn't be a big deal...unless you go around parading telling everybody pepsi is better than coke...you could get slapped

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