Are energy drinks bad for you?!

Question: my mom says I'm not allowed to drink them...but I do...duh... and I LOVE THEM :]]]

Answers: my mom says I'm not allowed to drink them...but I do...duh... and I LOVE THEM :]]]

I drink like 5 monsters a day an im totally healthy!

High sugar content and caffeine are not good for you... So, yeah, they're bad for you.

There was just a report on that on the news 2 weeks ago. They said that kids shouldn't drink them. And that the amount of caffeine in 1 can is your total daily allowance. Here's part of the report:

They're not going to kill you. But many of these increasingly popular drinks contain significant amounts of caffeine, which can make you jittery and cause insomnia, as well as loads of sugar, which nobody needs. Worse, these drinks are often marketed to kids and teenagers, many of whom already struggle with their weight and don't need to add a caffeine addiction. "Energy drinks are rip-offs."

Caffeine can increase anxiety, panic, some stomach problems, and some cardiac arrhythmias. Although some data suggest that drinking coffee can be good for you, "we should not mistake coffee or caffeine as a health food," Griffiths said.

yes, they are bad for you...too much caffeine in them...they can make your heart race...

Many people are trying to “perk up” by reaching for canned drinks with names like Red Bull or Adrenaline Rush, or 180. But these so called “energy drinks” make claims that are not interpreted by critics in the same way they are by the companies who make the drinks.
“Energy drinks” usually contain vitamins, amino acids, large doses of sugar, and about as much a caffeine as a cup of coffee.
Through its spokesperson and website, Red Bull says its beverage is uplifting because it contains vitamins and amino acids such “taurine.” The company states that taurine “acts as a metabolic transmitter, has a detoxifying effect, and strengthens cardiac contractility.”
But University of California sports nutritionist Liz Applegate maintains that the drinks are simply “caffeine in a can with a lot of sugar.“ While Red Bull’s website recommends their product as “an ideal energy drink prior to demanding activities, or in a performance drop during a game,” Applegate warns the drinks should not be consumed during exercise because the caffeine and high sugar concentration slows the body’s ability to absorb water.

There is another concern. Patrons of clubs and bars around the country are mixing energy drinks with alcoholic beverages, and large amounts of either caffeine or alcohol could be dangerous to the heart. Dr. Laurence Sperling, a cardiologist at the Emory University School of Medicine, feels that multiple glasses of this mixture carries the potential for significant danger, such as a racing heart beat, elevation of blood pressure, and maybe even a heart attack. Not surprisingly, the Red Bull website states, that a “medical report by the 'Institute for Legal Medicine' of the University of Munich confirms that Red Bull has no effect on the alcohol metabolism.”

An additional worry is that people who ingest a lot of caffeine, a stimulant, along with a lot of alcohol, which has a tranquilizing effect, won’t realize how intoxicated they really are. They may drink more than they would have without the caffeine, and then drive or engage in other activities they can’t handle because they are experiencing a false feeling of alertness.

So…while “energy drinks” are not necessarily unhealthy, they are probably no more energizing than anything else with the same amount of caffeine.

Athletes, who may be particularly drawn to the advertising claims, and people who mix these drinks with alcoholic beverages, should be especially mindful of misleading claims and health risks.

Caffeine and sugar are really bad for your body. As are the other "vitamins" that are in energy drinks. Not to mention the high fructose corn syrup that's in everything, that's bad for you too!

SO YES! They're bad for you, kudos to ma for not letting you drink them!

yes they are.

Ofcourse. For every reaction there is an opposite and equal reaction. So for the first few hours, you'll get nice energy - but the next few...lower energy then you started with.

yes they are .... recently there was a study that more and more people under the age of 35 are having heart problems and it is due to drink this enegry drinks, they cause pupitaions ,and make your heat beat faster which means over time for it. i think tat if you feel tired take a break and relax STOP drinking all these engery drink there full of crap

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