7 up or sprite?!

Question: Which is better

Answers: Which is better

well they have sprite in almost all restauraunts and not 7 up plus who knows alot abput 7 up but everyone knowss that sprite is awesome and is also caffeine free


yum to both but I guess 7 up.

Sprite..it isn't as sweet as 7-Up.


definitely sprite

sprite definitely


i say Sprite



sprite is a lot better 7up has some weird tangy taste to it it isnt as good as sprite


SPRITE for sure!!! Except 7up is better for an alcoholic shot called a popper it fizzes a lot more!!

sprite zero.


7 up- it's just right and has a lot of carbonation. Sprite is a little too sweet.

7 Up and sprite is old school

7 up


7up that's how I got my name Starlina 7up

SPRITE YUMMMM.....................


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