Whats the best tasting energy drink?!

Question: Java Monster Loca Mocha

Answers: Java Monster Loca Mocha

Red Bull!
it gives you wings

Gatorade Frost

I like Gatorade.

I'm with cornfed girl. Those Monster Java's all ROCK!!! But my favorite is also the Loca Mocha. Hey cornfed girl, have you tried the Chi High????

Monster!!! Or Monster M-80. I'm for sure in love with it!! Has anyone ever actually drank an entire BFC without going into convusions and heart failure? I attempted and it was good but I just couldn't do it.


I like amps they are soooo good!!! OOOO and monsters!!



i think there all gross


The best tasting energy drink hands down is Crunk!!! Energy Drink!

CRUNK!!! is the first energy drink that uses natural pomegranate juice. Each can is all natural not to mention refreshing. No artificial flavors, colors, etc. And CRUNK!!! is the only energy drink with unique, exotic herbs like ashwaganda, horny goat weed, skull cap and white willow to help you live it up and let it out!

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