Sweet tea or soda?!

Question: diet soda or sweet tea say a gall. tea with 1 cup sugar? whats better for you?

Answers: diet soda or sweet tea say a gall. tea with 1 cup sugar? whats better for you?

Soda pop is made from soda water. Soda water is known to leech calcium from the human system.

According to an article on the Healthcastle Web site, diet soda and regular soda have just about the same effects on our health. I believe that fake sugars are the worst things that have come into our diets, regardless of the food it's in, since the invention of soda pop and the process of refining sugar.

Tea, on the other hand, does have some antioxidants that seem to be beneficial to our bodies. Green tea is supposed to be about the best tea for our health. The refined sugar that goes into it is not good for us, as it goes into our systems too fast and puts a strain on our systems as our bodies try to equalize the sugar levels with insulin.

So, for the comparison, if I had no other choice, I'd stick with the tea, even with the sugar. I do have the occasional tea, but I do have a choice.

Water works just fine for my major hydrating and fruits and vegetables are known to be the best for us overall since they have natural sugars with enough pulp to keep those sugars from being absorbed quite so fast by the body. Some of these are better at helping to equalize the process than others.

i would have to say sweet tea is definitely better for you :) good luck

sodas are made from syrup, sugars, and acids--tea is naturally made and basically cleans you insides..leaving you feeling refreshed and relaxed..thats why i drink it.


Sweet tea, made with Splenda! Yummy. :)

Sweet tea

i dont know but if u choose soda make it PEPSI!!!!!!! lol

sweet tea, soda is to bloating don't ya think....and tea is just better for ya....that's my opinion

Sweet Tea is way better for you! Diet soda's have actually been proven to be un-healthier than regular soda's!

sweet tea it's more natural


Tea with sugar is probably better than something that's loaded with artificial sweeteners (some of which are known to cause cancer).... as long as it's not too much sugar. Try drinking ice/hot tea with NO sugar, and just some lemon

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