Can instant coffee be made to taste like a Latte?!

Question: Can instant coffee be made to taste like a Latte!?
!.!.!.or cappuccino - assuming the ingredients you have are skim milk and non-dairy creamer!.!.!.!? Is there a correct amt of skim milk that can be mixed with water to make it taste 'the most' like those wonderful, creamy lattes (or cappuccinos) you get at the coffee shop!? I'm not a big fan of sweet!. Any ideas on a low budget would be appreciated!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

You can use instant espresso, however, that is a bad substitute!. In order to make a good latte, you need a proper espresso machine!.

The milk needs to be frothed, and in order to do this you need to use a steam wand on an espresso machine!. Heating the milk changes the composition of the lactose in the milk, making it taste sweeter!. Frothing milk makes it creamier, airy!. Regular milk will not taste the same as frothed!.

As for the espresso itself, it needs to be extracted using hot pure water via a high pressure extraction method!. Good espresso itself has a layer of sweet yellow creamy froth on top, that is perfection!.

I know it's expensive, but the only way to get a good latte, is with a machine, or a well trained barista!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

For a start, skim milk and water will not give you the creamy latte/cappucino you want as the creamiest ones are firstly made out of full cream milk and WITHOUT water with an expresso machine and a steam wand
a latte has 1cm of froth and cappucinos should have 3cm, therefore you cannot produce a latte/cappucino without a steam wand as without the froth, it would plainly be just a flatwhite!.
i understand that you are on a lowbudget, but maybe there are cheap barista machines out there ( i saw one on a magazine selling for only $37!) so if you are that into your coffee, why not invest in one!?
Good luckWww@FoodAQ@Com

Instant coffee doesn't even taste like coffee! Lattes and cappucinos are espresso, so you'd need instant espresso, and that's a pretty poor substitute for the real thing:) !.!.!. and skim or non-fat milk isn't going to make a nice, creamy latte either (they just turn the coffee gray) !.!.!.!.!. Get some French Roast coffee and make it extra-strength!. Use regular strength Coffeemate creamer - but it still won't be frothed!. So, you might want to invest in a $40-$50 espresso machine that has a frother!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.Www@FoodAQ@Com


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