Can you boil a teabag in water?!

Question: Can you boil a teabag in water!?
and still get the benefits of green tea!. Sorry I know I asked thi a lot!. Before though I would just put the teabag in the water an I found out I was getting benefits and that I had to boil it I wanted to make certain I did it right this time!. I can not really taste the tea after its boiled!.What kind of tea is the best to buy!? and does it make a difference how much you can taste it or not!?Www@FoodAQ@Com

Believe it or not green tea, white tea and black tea are all from the same plant it's when it's picked that makes it different!. During the lifespan of the plant it and time of season the plant's leaves have varying degrees of the benefical ingredients!.

Hot Teas:
The best way I found out to brew tea of any kind is, by putting the tea into a cup/pot/pitcher and pour boiling water over it!. Wait 3-5 minutes and drink!. Add desired sweetener, milk not cream to black teas!. Honey can be sustituded for sugar in any tea!. Lemon or fruit juice can also be added in place of milk!.

Cold Teas:
Put tea bags into pitcher pour water over it and then put it into the sun for 4-6 hours!!! Sweeten and juices(for flavour if wanted) and put into fridge for another 6-12 hours!!! Serve chilled!.

Green teas have to be picked within a certain time as the same with white teas to be called Green or White!. However if you are looking for health benefits try a health food store, chinese grocery or organic grocery!. They often have the brands that claim to "control" the strength of their products ingredients,

also it's a myth that Green Tea has no caffiene!. It can actually have more unless it's processed to not have any!. Even decaffinated teas contain small amounts of caffiene too!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

Tea should steep, don't leave the bag in too long or you release tannins into the drink!. I would use powdered Matcha Green Tea instead of the bags!.
Have fun!.!.!.and a toast to your health trough green teaWww@FoodAQ@Com

this is straight from my Japanese teacher, who swears their secret to long life is tea!. see link!. you can buy this in an Asian grocery!.

if it's green tea, it's green tea!. nothing will change!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

If you mean boiling the water with the teabag in it, then that is not the right way to do it - you should bring the water to a boil first, then put the bag in to steep for a few minutes!.

Many people feel that green tea doesn't have a strong flavor, like black (regular) tea has!. That is especially the case with tea made from tea bags (as opposed to loose leaf tea)!.

If you can't taste the tea at all, it could mean that the teabags are too old, or that the teabag is steeped in too much water, diluting the taste!. If the tea is too old, you will not get the health benefits you want, because the antioxidants (the healthy substances in the tea) break down over time!.

Generally speaking, the stronger the flavor of the tea is, the healthier it is per cup!. So if it doesn't taste much, you will have to drink more of it to get the benefits!.

The best tea to buy is no doubt loose leaf tea, which is tea that is not put in teabags!. All tea lovers drink loose leaf tea, because the quality of the tea is generally much higher, and the tea is usually fresher!. That means that the health benefits are stronger!. Loose leaf green tea is often inexpensive and available fron tea shops or internet vendors!.

If you are mostly concerned with health benefits, you may want to take a look at white tea, which is the healthiest tea of all!. It can be expensive, but it contains three times the antioxidants that green tea does!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

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