How do you make fresh coffee with a coffee grinder, etc?!

Question: How do you make fresh coffee with a coffee grinder, etc!?
I'd like to know before I buy a coffee bean grinder!.
also, what's the best grinder to get!?Www@FoodAQ@Com

Baratza Maestro Plus is what I am currently using!. It will "Grind' your coffee beans within a range to be used with a French Press through all the drip grinders on to espresso if you decide that is where you want to go with your coffee!. Unlike the $10!.00 to $20!.00 Chinese made spice grinders this grinder will actually GRIND your coffee beans, not beat them to small shards!. It is totally adjustable and accurate!.
I have wasted over $100!.00 dollars on cheap grinders that lasted less than a year, some only weeks!. I received my grinder at Christmas this last year and have used it almost daily, without a problem!. This was an investment by my wife of a bit over $145!.00 but I expect to use it for most of my remaining years!. Solid and well built and a gift that I am treasuring!.

Spend a few bucks now or spend them over a long period of time on cheap throw aways that will never produce the grounds that coffee drinkers Deserve!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

Braun is best coffee grinder (abt!. $20!.00)
You'llneed a MELITTA (best) coffee maker!. Very cheap!.
Uses paper filters (get #4) any supermarket supplies!.
Fold filter into top!. Very easy to do!.

Buy French Roast WHOLE BEAN
Grind for only 20 seconds!. No more!. Beans overheat and lose flavor!.
put ground cofee in paper!. pour boiling hot water into filter!.
You've got a fresh cup of coffee!.
Not hard at all!.
You'll adjust everything to fit your own taste, but that comes in time!.
Stay away from pressure coffee makers from France!. Cofee is weak and lousy!.
Mr!. Coffee and other coffee machines are fine if you're running a restaurant!. Too much energy wasted for too little coffee used!.
OR you could use what old-time prospectors, mountain men, and hunters did!.
Grind up cofee!. drop into pot!. drop in some salt!. pouir in boiling water!. Wait 5 minutes!. grounds will settle!. Drink the stuff!. When you climb down from the ceiling, go and do what needs doing for the day!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

You just put your beans in the grinder and push the button until you have the grind that you prefer!.I have a Braun Grinder, that I have had for years and I have never had any problems with it!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

add coffee beans and grind them!
i bought a little black and decker one and it works great!. $15!.00Www@FoodAQ@Com

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