What kind of blended lemonade can i buy at starbucks?!

Question: What kind of blended lemonade can i buy at starbucks!?
what we have going on right now is just a promotional drink that will end at the end of summer (the drink being either just plain lemonade or green tea lemonade) but the strawberry lemonade juice blend is offered all year round!. the promo stuff is a bit tart for most people so i recommend asking for a pump or two of classic syrup (depending on the size) to sweeten it a little (unless you like your lemons sour! lol) you can also substitue any of the other iced teas for the green stuff!. I recommend trying the blended lemonade with passion tea and just a pump and a half of classic syrup!. but remember that there are an infinite number of variations on any drink! (like you could also get the regular blended lemonade with raspberry syrup if you so desired) ask a barista for suggestions next time you're in a store; if they're not too busy they're usually happy to help!. plus they've usually got some pretty interesting drink ideas!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

well there is the regular blended lemonade or strawberry lemonade!.!.!. you can also ask for any of the syrups that are offered like raspberry or melon!.!.!. I don't know if too many other syrups that starbucks carries would taste good in a lemonade!. you can also mix any of the iced teas with the lemonade even though green tea is the only one advertised as a blended drink!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

you can get the green tea and ask to mix with any lemonade!. thats the best i think!.!.!. i dont rlly know all the flavors and stuff lol, i only go like!.!.!.!. once a week!. hahaWww@FoodAQ@Com

Green tea/lemonade!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

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