Coffee: What is the difference between regular and higher end other than flavor?!

Question: Coffee: What is the difference between regular and higher end other than flavor!?
I am highly sensitive to caffeine in coffee!. If I have two cups in the morning, I'm shaking like a leaf!.If I have a Starbucks after noon, I will have a lousy night's sleep!.

However, in Hawaii, I had two cups of 100% Kona (at $25/pound) and no problems whatsoever!. No hand shakiness, no wired feeling!. Is there a difference with higher quality coffees in the affect of the caffeine!?Www@FoodAQ@Com

There are two different kinds of coffee beans!. Arabica, and robusta!.The kind that you would typically find at a local grocery's store is robusta because they it is cheaper and lower quality!. Arabica beans are much more expensive, of better quality, and are subject to selective picking because their only picked when their ripe, unlike robusta which are picked and then ripened!.

I find that cheaper robusta beans usually give me a caffine buzz for the first half hour only!. Arabica beans typically give me a smooth, long lasting, more mellow buzz!.
My point is, don't buy cheap coffee!. Kona, as well as columbine, Kenyon, Ethiopian, Brazilian, etc!.!.!.!. is much better!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

Well,that's a question i have been finding a solution for and i have!.
It's based more on the QUANTITY of the caffeine and a little on where it is grown!.And quality depends on the place it is grown!.
so think about the caffeine in the coffee and forget the quality!.
(don't drink much coffee;reasons:-
1!.yellow teeth!.
2!.Fall in performance of the brain!.
3!.U FEEL irritated quickly!.
and lastly,

Maybe you got decaf by mistake!? You should try decaf, that would make you feel better during the day!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

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