Can anyone suggest what espresso machine to buy? I love lattes and cappuccinos! anything below 20,000 pesos?!

Question: Can anyone suggest what espresso machine to buy!? I love lattes and cappuccinos! anything below 20,000 pesos!?
Am looking for something easy to operate and maintain, with a built in grinder!. Perhaps a push button thing that pre measures everything per cup!. I've heard of a brand called Saeco ( think its distributed by Santi's)!. Would it be cheaper to buy it here in the Philippines or can I get a better deal in Hongkong!. Thanks for any help extended!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

SAECO is a big brand - good quality!.
Others are JURA (the Rolls-Royce of Coffee makers) and Delonghi!.
I got the Delonghi Magnifica in Germany for a bit more then 40,000 - SORRY! If you want fully automatic expect to pay 35,000 to 40,000 (JURA top model is about 120,000)!. The DeLonghi has the advantage that it has a milk container (for your latte and cappuccino) which you can keep in the fridge while not in use!. It attaches easy and is cleaned in 6 seconds before you store it again!.

also important, TWO different designs (!!!) built in/fixed brewing unit and REMOVABLE!. This is the part most likely to wear out !.!.!. If it is removable (you can clean it quickly) it is a "spare part" you can bring or ship to Phils!. Withe built in type you need to get a service or ship the whole unit for service !.!.!.!.

Looking at the web ELBA is listed as importer for DeLonghi here in Philippines (SM MEGAMALL)!.
In Kong they give
DL Trading Limited
16/F Tin's Enterprise Centre,777 Lai Chi Kok Road,Kowloon

THEN you need to get the coffee - WHOLE BEAN (actually mine accepts ground coffee also - but that is not fun)!. Whole beans are at
Robinsons not so expensive,
SM Hypermarket in MoA has a nice Espresso Roast
Much nicer taste Monks from Bukidnon!!! Makes a very nice Espresso and works well for Cappuccino !.!.!.


PS: found one on e-bay for 65K (you get all the info)


hmm, shop here for cheap items!.!.!.you find very low prices here!.!.!.

Under $25 items - bargans!.

Other shops !.!.!.



what's 20,000 pesos in dollars!? $20!?Www@FoodAQ@Com

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