How Do you make a real turkish espresso!

Question: How Do you make a real turkish espresso
I want to learn how to make them could you help !?!?
i know their really really bitter and thick that you have to drink it with water
please helpWww@FoodAQ@Com

from memory the grounds are boiled at least twice

i!.e!. water added, boiled until water almost all gone, water refilled to top, and bought to boil again, possibly even boiled a third time

you will need an extremely fine grind like icing sugar or flour, much finer than espresso!. you will need a high quality grinder to achieve this, or a mortar & pestle if you have the time & want to be athentic

i am not sure exactly what beans they use, but i would guess something from Ethiopia given that coffee originated there & they have been drinking coffee for an awful long time in turkey

i enjoy visiting turkey & their coffee, but i can tell you it isnt bitter

it is only thick because the grounds are so fine & they tend to settle in the bottom of the cup

the device they use to boil the coffee in is called a 'birik' i think with a long pouring spout, although i will need to check the name for you

i think you need one of those if you are serious about replicating the results

yes they do tend to add sugar, although i dont think this is necessary as the coffee they use has a fairly mellow taste - it doesnt leave a drying sensation in the back of your throatWww@FoodAQ@Com

its likes making black coffee
blend the beans or buy them ready prepared
boil it in hot water over a stove and once it thickens a bit you're done
creamer is not usually added
add sugar to your liking
best served when hot
btw you don't have to drink it with water
turkish coffee is an acquired taste
most people tend not to like it at first hence why they have a glass of water at the sideWww@FoodAQ@Com

4 tablespoons instant coffee!. 5 tablespoons water!. Fill to 1 cup with heavy cream!. Www@FoodAQ@Com

this recipe is enough for 20 ppl
5 lbs coffee beans
3 lbs turkey
6 ounces cream wt
2cups water

good luck

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