How unhealthy are diet drinks (coke, sprite etc)? ?!

Question: How unhealthy are diet drinks (coke, sprite etc)!? !?
I know they are healthy!.
What if one drinks diet coke in a daily basis for example!?Www@FoodAQ@Com

Soda in general is not at all healthy!. Just think, this stuff is used to dissolve nuts and bolts and strip paint by many mechanics, is that really something you want to put into your body!?!?

Diet soda is considered better by dieters because of the lower sugar and calorie count, however it has aspartame and other artificial sweeteners that can cause a slew of health problems, and the higher up it is in the ingredients list on the bottle the more of it there is in the product!.

For more info on that go here: http://www!.mcmanweb!.com/diet_coke!.html

It's also so acidic that daily doses of this stuff is extremely hard on the stomach lining!. Take a look at the label, see all that stuff you can't pronounce!? It's mostly chemicals!. Why would a person want to drink chemicals!?!?

A better choice would be to buy a bottle of water and sweeten it with a crystal light packet!. Very tasty! (It still has aspartame in it but it's a very minute amount compared to diet sodas!.)


Actaully they arnt healthy becuase I drunk a diet coke a day (can not the bottle) and now i have ulcers like crazy and im screwed up in my stomach

i cant eat too much or ill puke i cant eat enuff or ill puke if i drink too much (like water) ill puke if i dont drink enuff i puke and its a huge mess and ive just turned 14 tooWww@FoodAQ@Com

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