Has anyone tried Oolong tea?!

Question: Has anyone tried Oolong tea!?
My friends say you're supose to have a cup of it after every meal you have!. And apparently you lose weight!?

But have any of you had a personal experience and actually know!?Www@FoodAQ@Com

Hi, you perhaps know this already, but tea cannot help any one loose weight!. Its misinformation and bad marketing that many companies do!. One looses weight by ingesting less calories or burning more calories than you ingest!. Since tea does not help in burning calories, it cannot help you in loosing weight!. But drinking tea can be helpful if you drink tea the way chinese brew it - without sugar - and, as the other respondent said, replace soda for such tea!. In that case, you can benefit from almost any tea - black tea, green tea, or Oolong!.

The common misperception, foisted by some companies selling Oolong tea for weight loss, is that in fact Oolong tea is somehow different from black or other teas in their ability to reduce weight!. This is just not the case!. You should read about the differences between different types of tea!. Here is one source!.!.!.


> So, should you drink tea!? If you like it, then yes!.
> Will you loose weight!? Only if you replace high caloric drinks with tea!. But even then, what matters is your total caloric intake in a day!. Reduce that and you will do very well
> Will you reduce caloric intake with any tea!? Not necessarily, as some of the "ready to drink" bottled teas have lots of sugar added to them!. These teas won't help you reduce calories!. On the other hand, brewing loose tea or tea bags at home and not adding any sugar may help you in reducing calories intake!.
> Are there other benefits to tea!? Yes, there are many many benefits to tea, and the link I pointed out earlier has some information on health benefits!.

Tea is a wonderful beverage, but drink it for the real benefits of the tea over soda and other beverages, not for the false promise promoted by unethical promoters!. I hope this has been useful!.

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I've tried oolong - it's what's commonly referred to as "Chinese Restaurant Tea", for obvious reasons ;) If you want to try it, Adagio Teas have a nice whole leaf oolong (if you're going for health benefits, you *definately* want to go with whole leaf) - you can pick up a sample tin and a box of fill your own tea bags, and get the whole thing for about five bucks, shipped, if you use this coupon - (http://www!.adagio!.com/free_gift/index!.ht!.!.!.

It's an okay blend, I suppose, I tend to think it's best enjoyed hot and without milk or sugar, but that's just me!. As far as the weight loss goes, drinking tea on a regular basis is a good health practice, but don't expect the pounds to drop off UNLESS you're using it to replace something like soda you drink habitually!. Then, I would think in fairness, it could produce visible results!. Www@FoodAQ@Com

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