Can you describe the taste of Bubble tea, also called "Boba" tea? ?!

Question: Can you describe the taste of Bubble tea, also called "Boba" tea!? !?
I wonder about bubble tea!. What is the texture and taste!?

What flavor do you recommend!? Is milky or fruity better!?

I tried to order it but the restaurant was all out!. I was disappointed because I was hoping to taste it on a hot summer's day!.

Where to find it bubble tea!?Www@FoodAQ@Com

It's delicious!. My favorite flavor is either coffee or hazelnut, because the liquid part tastes like a cold latte or something!. But fruit is also good!. I like peach! The "bubbles" are little tapioca balls, and they taste like little milk duds, however not as sticky in your teeth!. It's really non-describable!. : ) Um!.!.!. as to where to find it, for some reason in my hometown a Japanese restaurant has it and a Chinese restaurant has it, although I don't know if it's traditional Asian or not!. It might just be an American Asian thing, like fortune cookies!. Enjoy!Www@FoodAQ@Com

I'm not an expert!.!. but I reckon bubble tea can be divided into 2 categories!.!.!.

Refreshing tea!.!.!. or Dessert tea!.

Refreshing are usually fruity in flavour!.!. It tastes like most fruit teas (peach/lemon!.!.etc)!.!.!. but there are lots more flavours!. I would recommend WINTER MELON Tea!.!.!.

The Dessert teas!.!.!. these are the milky teas!.!.!. You have to expect that they are going to be quite SWEET!.!.!.!. Some places (un authentic) substitute actual TEA for WATER!.!.!. and it's even more sweet!. I would recommend TARO milk TEA with the BUBBLESWww@FoodAQ@Com

The taste can depend on where you get it!. At my tea shop in the States, they will add the 'bubbles' to any flavor tea you want!. You could even have a green tea with them!. I've never noticed much of a taste to the tapioca bubbles!. They're just slightly sweet!. It's the texture you drink it for!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

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