Benefits of Regularly Drinking Chai Tea?!

Question: Benefits of Regularly Drinking Chai Tea!?
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Chai tea is a black tea so it has powerful antioxidant properties!. This means that it can help to slow down the rate of cellular damage, which causes both visible signs of aging and a number of diseases!. Black tea, the main ingredient in the chai tea recipe, contains the most powerful antioxidants that science knows!.
Chai tea is also believed to help lower both high blood pressure and cholesterol!. Some scientists are even studying the possibility that chai tea can reduce the symptoms of Alzheimer's Disease and the possibility of strokes!. In general, it is believed that black teas like chai tea can help boost the immune system!. Instances of cancer in people who drink black teas are lower than cases in those who do not drink tea but live an otherwise comparable lifestyle!. In addition to the black tea, there are other components of traditional chai that also have powerful wellness benefits!.

Chai tea contains ginger, which can treat symptoms of a cold like congestion, aching muscles, and a sore throat!. Cloves can help the body generate heat and pepper also provides warmth!. It is also thought that cardamom can stimulate mental activity to provide clarity and aid concentration!.
The name cardamom (or cardamon) is used as the name to describe herbs within two genera of the ginger family!.

The Ginger has appetite suppressing properties!. Vanilla is supposed to calm and sooth!. It doesn't have caffeine!. Honey is good for your immune system!. You can easily make it at home and it tastes awesome hot or over ice!. Yum, Yum!. :)Www@FoodAQ@Com

The fact that its delicious!.!.!.its a pretty good benefitWww@FoodAQ@Com

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