Is it true that monster energy drinks has liquor in them or drugs in them?!

Question: Is it true that monster energy drinks has liquor in them or drugs in them!?
No they do not have either drugs or liquor i drink them all the time and they have been approved if they had any liquor in them you would have to be 21 to drink them and for the drug part there are no drugs in them unless you count caffeine as a drug then yes but no they dont have anything except caffeine and lots of surgar :)

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I'm pretty sure it doesn't have alcohol!. However, any number of additives are not really good for you!. Caffeine, guarana, taurine, are all stimulants, and do meet criteria of being a drug!. Others just contain extreme amounts of vitamins and minerals!.!.!.which at best in such quantities are not necessary and will be flushed out when you pee!.

The more caffeine and sugar, the more they dehydrate, which means the other chemicals get concentrated and affect you even more!.!.!.including making you nauseous!. If you puke it dehydrates you even more!.

These drinks are every bit as addictive as sodas and alcoholic beverages, and can be every bit as bad for you!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

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