Whyyy? Caffeine questionnn?!

Question: Whyyy!? Caffeine questionnn!?
I am very sensitive to caffeine lately!.

Last year i was severely dehydrated and was drinking a couple cups of coffee per day and got heart palpitations and yadayadaya, my mom called 911 and it just turned out i had low blood sugar and needed to be drinking more water!.

Well i had like 1/2 a cup of iced coffee today and i got light headed, jittery, and weak!.
Am i just supppper sensitive to caffeine!?


It is possible!. Some people are much more sensitive to caffeine than others!. How much did you get!? Regular brewed coffee like what most people do at home has at least 85mg of caffeine in it!. Depending on what you drank some coffees can have up to 250mg in them!.

Normally only sugar will make us jittery!. But if you get a large amount of caffeine or are sensitive to it then it can have the same effect!. Being dehydrated can make you light headed and weak too!. It also makes us tired and can give us headaches and other aches and pains!. Caffeine dehydrates us so if you are already dehydrated then that compounds the problem even more!.

To find out if it is just being extra senstive to caffeine try something light in caffeine!. Try either decaf coffee since it still has a little caffeine or a green tea which has only 30mg per serving in it!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

Could be!. also depends on the coffee!. Starbucks gives me jitters!. Peet's is enough to send me into orbit!. You can get decaf iced coffee!. Tastes the same without the side effects!. You get a teeny little bit of energy!. also, try some of the dark teas iced!. They can be just as yummy if you get a specialty brand!. You can even put milk in them!. Www@FoodAQ@Com

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