Quick iced coffee question. 10 easy points?!

Question: Quick iced coffee question!. 10 easy points!?
At 7 11 there is an iced coffee machine with like the option of!.!.!.
Vanilla Late, Colombian Coffee, and some other things!.

Would the iced Colombian coffee have calories!?
I know the vanilla late would, but how about the coffee!?

If so, how many!?
Do you think they add anything into the coffee!? Like milk or something!?


I don't know the particulars about 7 11's version of iced coffee, but usually iced coffee that comes out of gas station type machines is loaded with sugar which means that yes, there will be calories!. They also tend to put milk in them in order to sweeten it as well!.
Coffee itself is going to have trace amounts of calories, but it's all the extras that are added into them that really packs it on!.

I suggest doing a taste test first!. If the coffee looks very dark and tastes bitter, then they might not have added anything to it!. If it is sweet and lighter in color, then there's something in there!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

unsweetened is always good!. If it doesn't say anything, it's probably sweetened or else customers would be sipping their iced coffee drink in disgust!. Www@FoodAQ@Com

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