I know a lot of people ask this... does anyone have any coke caps.first answer with code= best awnser?!

Question: I know a lot of people ask this!.!.!. does anyone have any coke caps!.first answer with code= best awnser!?
new ones hurry tho!!!! 4rkfvf0kh949 and n7b0mjkmkt6j btw idk if the 0's are o or 0 so try bothWww@FoodAQ@Com

That's just amazing, only the 10th or 12th person to ask for points in the last few lines!.!.!.
I should feel bad about tossing my points in the trash, but hey, it's fun watching the kids and bums dive in the dumpster for them!. Well, not so much the bums, they just sort of graze before come out!. Www@FoodAQ@Com

Seems a shame to let them go to waste!.!.!.I couldn't tell if the "O's" were the letter "O" or the number "zero", you may have to try both options!. All codes are from caffiene free diet coke bottles!. Have fun!.


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