What's the difference between skim and skim supreme milk?!

Question: What's the difference between skim and skim supreme milk!?
Skim supreme is obviously more expensive, but why!? I looked on the nutrition labels and nothing is different! Not even the vitamin amount!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

Skim milk has had all the fat removed!. Skim milk supreme usually had things like modified food starch and other flavor and texture enhancers added to make it taste less like blue milky water!. Www@FoodAQ@Com

I have to agree with the one and only answer so far!. But, I need to add one small question that just never made any sense to me the whole while I was raised on a dairy dairy farm all my younger years that is, until I graduated and then I got the hell away!!! Go figure! I now and then go back to visit, thats nice! Sorry, the question is -Why does the farmer get a set rate per pound when paid ( everything is included for ex!. cream, fat, way!. minerals and vitaims ect!., and get the sasme price as they were in the 70's) But!.!.!.!.!.then why do we pay 3 even 4 times as much as the cusumer after the milk has be deleted in so many ways and water ect!. added!. Ice cream, milk, cheese, milk, skim milk!.!.!.well I shouldn't have to tell you that one!. Should I continue!.!.!.nay! The hard working dairy farmers are the ones who have been takin advandage of, trying to make an HONEST living!. Who has to pay for the hauler!? You guessed it, the farmer!. Lets legalize 420, just think how much dough the farmer would make then when it came to baling time and so lucky to get 3rd crop in! I want to now how much a nice packed heavy and long bale would go for!? I know they wouldn't be missin' the wagon that the baler is kicking it in!!!! THINK ABOUT MAN! PRETTY NEET, EH!? fARMERS LIKE MY DAD WOULD BE DEBT FREE! WHICH IS EVERY FARMERS DREAM, BUT NOT AT THESE PRICES!. Of course it would have tobe legalized since farmers are just trying to make a honest living for themselves and they're love ones!. FAMILY FIRST! Drug dealers will be pissed for taking their business from them, oh no and we can't have that!!!!!! WHAT IS WRONG WITH THE WORLD TODAY, LETS GET OUR BUTTS OUT FROM OUR, I'LL let you fiqure it out!Www@FoodAQ@Com

Don't have a clue, maybe one tastes like water more than the other one does!. lolWww@FoodAQ@Com

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