Stopping to drink soda? ?!

Question: Stopping to drink soda!? !?
Okay so I think it has been like months since i had soda i just decided i want to stop drinking it because well im sure its one of the reasons for gaining weight!.

someone told me that if you stop drinking soda for a year you can lose up to 10 pounds! but i dont really see that!. cause i may have stopped drinking soda but i still drink ice tea, water, lemonade, kool ade, milk or orange juice when ever!. is that okay!? i mean im will not and wont stop drinking everything and just stick with water cause thats like horrible! how can someone not want taste in their drink! lol anyways my question is can i still lose weight !.!.!. even though im replacing my dinner drink from soda to ice tea or wat ever!. Www@FoodAQ@Com

If your smart than stay away from pop!. have you read the ingredients!? There is nothing in there besides the water it is made of so stick with the water since it cost less and is best for you!. You can have some juice sometimes or better yet eat fresh fruits!. Can have a cup of coffee once in awhile or even a couple of tea and if old enough try a glass of wine once a week!. I like decaf ice tea in the summer months!. Try to stay with natural things that way you will be caring for your body the right way!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

The biggest problem with soda drinkers is they don't realize how much sugar (and as a direct connection calories -- and thereby FAT) they're consuming, not to mention all of the awful chemicals contained in the sodas!

If you substitute your kool-ade & lemonade with Crystal Lite, you'll be better off!. And if you use artificial sweeteners in your tea & coffee (or better yet, no sweetener at all) you'll be better still!. A single glass of OJ can contain up to 150 calories, which is fine!.!.!.per day!. If you drink 10 glasses of OJ, you've just consumed your entire day's caloric intake without even touching food!.!.!.so be careful!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

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