Which would be better in quality..a super atomatic espresso machine or semi atomatic.?!

Question: Which would be better in quality!.!.a super atomatic espresso machine or semi atomatic!.!?
I have plenty experience with coffee and using a super atomatic machine!.!.!. but i dont know how to use a semi atomatic!.!.!.i work at a cafe and they want to start making coffee there too so i dont know which would be better and how easy is it to use a semi atomatic!.!.!.!.they want good quality!.!.!.and does anyone know of a coffee distributor in colorado!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

I prefer the Semi-Automatic, where you actually grind the beans, tamp, steam, etc!. I've worked in local and corporate coffee shops and think fully automatics take away from the art of coffee!. Although it is better in situations of high volume sales because they're simply a lot faster and even a moron could figure it out!.

I'd go with with semi, just cos anyone could push a button on a machine!. Semi's give you more control too instead of a machine doing everything for you!. [also, a lot of your fellow Barista's will give you more credit if you can actually MAKE the drink instead of push a button!.]

As for a coffee distributor, you should find a local coffee shop that roasts their own coffee!. Chances are they're also whole-sale distributors and will happily work with you to make a custom blend for your store if you wish!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

a really good source to check is always consumer reports!. They test just about everything & have never steered me wrong! they also give places where the ones they are testing can be found & ususally the pros and cons!. Good luck! sorry: the site is www!.consumerreports!.com; Www@FoodAQ@Com


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